Cutting Edge Technology

We committed to non-stop investments on state-of-art hardware and software technologies, especially the rapidly-evolving wireless solutions and the advanced computing algorithms what ever may help our customers winning the market leadership.





Wireless is the enabler of emerging Internet of Things.
We offer comprehensive solutions across a range of wireless connectivity technologies to meet the demands and overcome the challenges for now and the future.



Low-power Wireless

We specialize in 2.4GHz short-range wireless (Bluetooth Low Energy, Zigbee, Thread), NFC, and LPWA cellular IoT (NB-IoT, LTE-M) geared for highly-optimized energy efficient usage.




Mesh Network

Bluetooth Mesh, designed with scalability, reliability and simplicity for commercial lightings, smart industry, and so on, is a networking technology which allows many-to-many large numbers of Bluetooth devices to be easily formed reliably and securely.


RTLS (Real-Time Location System)

Along with the unique Direction Finding methodology and positioning algorithms, our intelligent positioning solution performs real-time tracking of valuable objects and people attached with Bluetooth Low Energy Tags, with sub-meter level accuracy.



Thanks to advanced Angle-of-Arrival (AoA) method, the typical positioning accuracy is around 0.5 meters, even for the fastest moving objects, and is superior reliable in the most challenging environments, such as factories, buildings, and hospital. 


We aim to provide a wide range of benefits through RTLS solution to improve labor safety, increase security level, optimize operational efficiency, and automatize emergency procedures.


Continuously growing our software capability, we view software development as a way to gain competitive advantage and to create smart applications that require programming techniques and technologies across embedded software, web-based services, cloud-based development, APIs, as well as mobile Apps.

We will continue to strengthen software development capabilities and resources to help our customers provide innovative features that go beyond advanced hardware to stand out from the fierce competition.