Outstanding Design Creation

We closely collaborate with customers to walk through the whole process of new product development, which is not simply making a product look better, but a team game of solving problems with leading technology, process management, and quality assurance.

Wireless Modules

Wireless ModulesWe specialize in software-embedded solutions of 2.4GHz short-range wireless in multiple protocols (Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread, Zigbee) and low power cellular IoT (LTE-M, NB-IoT) to offer our customers the shortcut of connecting to IoT Networks with world-class wireless performance.

Smart Devices

We design and make smart devices connecting to IoT networks via different wireless protocols and gathering sensor data from the edge of the network to interactively make space intelligent.

RTLS Trackers

Working seamlessly with our RTLS solution to precisely track and trace objects or people.

IAQ Sensors

More than sensing indoor air quality, also working with air conditioner via infrared.

Security Sensor

Full integration of multiple sensors for guarding the door, window, and detecting motions.


Small and lightweight, but powerful to connect to IoT Networks with ultra low power consumption.

IoT Gateways

Our Linux-based IoT gateway integrates algorithms and protocols of RTLS solution, smart device management, and Mesh networking that provide companies the essentials to enable the intelligent infrastructure to the IoT networks via connectivity up to the cloud and enterprises, also down to the sensors at the edge of the whole system.